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[2023-03-16 18:35:01]  #Newsid: 18157 | View: 6821

Smash The Opposition & Destroy Hordes Of Glitches In Cyberpunk Action-Shooter ‘Crash Override’ On STEAM

Indie game developer and publisher TMFX Studios invites fans of action shooters to download their roguelike Crash Override cyberpunk Early Access title currently available on STEAM. Your mission objective is to surf the Cybernet as a hacker for hire trying to save the Cybernet from a mysterious threat; power up before the crash wave erases everything and gain reputation; secure contracts, salvage data, upgrade, and try to survive!

Crash Override challenges you to play one of 6 unlockable avatars against a horde of enemy glitches. Unfortunately, the mainframe computer has been infected, and you must surf the neon corridors of the Cybernet or risk a total system crash. Experience the action-packed procedurally generated levels, the unique neon visual style, and the compelling retro-synthwave soundtrack as you collect your arsenal, rezz, power up, and ultimately overpower the virus. 
Crash Override takes inspiration from classic games, such as FTL™ (stay ahead of death wave), Vampire Survivors™ (enemy hordes and leveling), and the Binding of Isaac™ (in-game stores) and is slated for official release this fall. The game features two distinct modes of play: arcade mode and speed run mode. There are 12 weapon programs to collect, enabling you to mix and match as you take down the incoming enemies. You gain reputation for securing contracts to have access to new mainframes and make decisions on what mainframes to contract and where to slow the viral infection. With experience, you will collect enough weapons and upgrades to derezz any opposition using the wide variety of avatars and weapon upgrades. 
Crash Override is available via STEAM
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